Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goin' Rogue

Hey Guys, It's Fall. I see that Erin has called me out.

Busy summer...lots of same ol' same ol'. Now we're into Fall and why not get out of the same ol' same ol' mode.

You've heard me complain and complain about the sore feet issue side effect. I even started an analysis so I could track the severity of sore feet and track when it was happening within the parameters of the Sutent dosage. I called it the Fujiama scale, but never came up with a suitable acronym. The schedule yielded 10 good feet days followed by 10 sore feet days. I talked to the Doc about it to see if I could draw any conclusions and he said "You're over anal-izing this".

Soooooo. I'm going a little Rogue on the Sutent schedule. Instead of the 2 weeks on - 1 week off. I'm trying 1 week on - 1 week off. This essentially lowers the dosage 25%. This schedule is not unheard's not original to me... we'll see how it goes. Everything is on Google..for better or for worse !

Based on the above sore feet index, I think it may change the sore feet index to 10 good feet days and 4 sore feet days; or, it might essentially eliminate sore feet. Now THAT is quality of life ! Scans come up the third week of November...we'll see if I got away with it. In life, we are not used to settling for a draw. In RCC , playing to a draw (stability) is like winning a medal.

We've had a busy Fall so far. Football is back! Our opportunities to go see grandbabies in NW Arkansas and take in a Razorback game (in that order) is upon us again. By the way, we get to see Rachel and Matt as well as Erin and Shaun.

We had a game in Little Rock too. We invited Don and Lee Bell down for the game and a night at Debbie's Bed and Get Your Own Breakfast. In 40 years....they had never been to a game in Little Rock. We had a good visit and got a game in the win column. They're like my Dad... he only saw games in Little Rock and never saw the Hogs lose a game.

I'm still working most days. I've learned how to go in late...even without a reason! Now all I have to do is work on leaving early. I've had excursions to Emily's school for grandparents week and a couple of lunch dates with Eli at school. Life is good. I'm fine.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


No no, not her.... the guy creepin' in the background.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Possible Titles:
1. Going Rogue; 1:1 baybeeee!
2. This papercut on my finger really hurts.... must be the Sutent.
3. I never leave the house without my polarfleece jacket.
4. Why do I wear little white ankle socks with my sandles?
5. No I'm not in liver failure, I spent $84,000 dollars last year to look this yellow.
6. Remember when I tried to stop drinking Diet Coke? Pfffft!
7. That's all I can think of, Dad.

Don't disappoint.

No pressure.

Lervy dervy, Erv