Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks alot, CANCER...

I love to fill in all the little boxes of any health history, mail survey, application packet, etc...
I choose the right pen (depending on the paper type), I choose the right color (pediatric clinic or adult?) I have daydreams about the office personnel wishing everyone filled out their intake paperwork as well as I do.

So I'd like to say THANKS ALOT, CANCER! - now there's something more remarkable than my penmenship on my health history. Nobody's even going to notice how I line my xes up so they give a nice aesthetic line on the page. My next wonder is if said office personnel or said nurse practitioner will give me a sorry glance when they review my history, or will they want to scan my kidneys???

Whatever. I'm over it.
The best x on the page is right above the big number 2. I spent extra time on that one.


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Debbie Byrd said...

Yes, that's the goal. We keep on living.