Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sam and Lish went to get their kids from the "other" grandparents this weekend. They stopped thru at the house for a rest stop and a visit. It didn't hit me until they were gone.
They made the same trip last year. They were about 45 minutes out of Fayetteville when we got the call. So an hour after we knew our dad got The Cancer, we were all able to go stuff our faces with cheese dip and drink beer. It's what we do.
Around that table, we agreed that:
1. We wouldn't treat him like a freak
2. We would keep eachother informed
3. Rachel and I drink more beer than we should
4. Alicia knows alot more about molecular chemistry than she should
5. Matt and Shaun have, unfortunately, lived this thru, and they have excellent insight.

So we're here a year later. Some days it feels like everything has changed, then other days it feels like nothing has. We leave for Orlando in two weeks. I was right, about a year ago, when I said that the beach is our reset point. And a year from back then, I predicted that Dad would have been on Sutent for a year and his hair would be all white. Damn, I'm good. Not really. I've always been a wee bit psychic ( no, really, I am)and not knowing that Dad had a Rotten Kidney really pissed me off. I shoulda caught it at an earlier stage.

So Happy Day-You-Figure-Out-What-You'll-Probably-Die-Of-Day, Dad! That was rude, huh? . But it's the truth. You know you've thought of it. Morbid yes, but one of my favorite things to ask people.

I think I'll go choking on a big piece of meat. Just a hunch. That's why I don't eat meat alone. Really.

Love, EAB


Debbie said...

With my Huneycutt longevity genes, I'll probably be a withered old crone wondering what all the new technology is about.
No one knows. Eat dessert first! Do those things you've always hoped for. Help other folks along the way, 'cause it's still not all about me.
Erin--chew carefully, or devolve to thickened liquids.

Debbie said...

Yes, we know Orlando isn't on the beach. We'll just have to make do with the pool. Next year--back to the beach. I hope it's clean!