Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I need more hours in my days!

My new Franchi..... finally got here. Debbie said something about "the last one" whaaaat?
It will be all ready for pheasant later this fall. Can't wait to take it to the range and knock down some clay pigeons.
Maybe it's my lucky day....I bought a Megaball ticket to $76 Million... I could stand it.

Y'all saw Erin's blog....well, I was the recipient of a chemistry cocktail today! I haven't quite figured out the PV=nRT of that yet....but it's in there, or at least my kids are sure that it is.
I took my first intravenious Avastin today along with an injection of low dose Interferon.
Ten hours out, not feeling bad at all.... that's a good thing.

Amazingly, the damned sore feet are as good as they have been in 15 months. I need to massage my data and Damn Sore Feet logs vs. Sutent dosage , but first brush says that probably 6 weeks ago I got a clue that something was different with the Sutent....the feet were not going to their peak..... I was paying attention to the number of bad days instead of the magnitude... the last round, they never got above a V (roman numeral) .

What I expect tonight is flu symtoms... fever, chills, aches and pains. I'll trade sore feet for that any day. The IV took longer than normal because it was the first time, it will speed up over the next couple of times until it's down to about 30 minutes. Dosage is Avastin every other Tuesday, and an injection of Interferon every week at the same time. Blood work and see Doctor Baltz every week.

I happened to mention a little angina when I was trudging up the hill in the snow and carrying firewood to the porch last week. Doc says, "Damn, are you gonna have a heart attack while I'm trying to control this cancer?"
"Who's your cardiologist?" Whaaat? you don't have a cardiologist? So he called a friend of mine, Dr. Ben Johnson. Got me right in.... we're gonna do a catheterization on Thursday morning to make sure things are as they should be and fix them if they are not. I think my ticker is ok, but I've been on some pretty strenuous chemistry for a while and I haven't been doing the gym like I did before. I promised Joe Henry that I'll get back to it... I have missed our bike rides to nowhere.

About enough for one day, don't you think? I'll go to work tomorrow and get a little rest.

Thank you all for the support of my family as we trudge through this unplowed ground.
I'm fine....life is good. Daffodils are up, pear trees blooming, my bees are active.

Love you all,
Great Speckled Byrd

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Julie Williamson said...

Glad they have you on a new plan. Sounds like it was just in time.
My Mom receives Avastin injections for her wet macular degeneration. It has been working well. Interesting that these drugs have such varied uses.
Thanks for keeping us posted out here in cyber land! We are cheering for you and yours!