Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No More diet Coke

So, after YEARS of promoting low sugar, whole grain, low fat, fresh fruit, leafy greens, orange food, the nephrologist's nutritionist recommends to us a different way. It seems that potassium and phosphorus are also Bad Things To Eat for Bryan (along with salt). The list of Things to Eat in Limited Quantities includes bananas, canteloupe, tomatoes, whole grains, fiber, beans, peas, and fruit juices. And dairy. Don't eat in restaurants very often.

No more biscuits. No more ham, bacon, bologna, or sausage. Measure cheese in ounces.No more cashews. No more black-eyed peas. But, get this. . . drum roll . . . no. more. diet. Coke.

Now, she's used to advising patients who have chronic kidney disease. Being a One Kidney Wonder is similar but not the same. Bryan has to protect his One Kidney but also control blood pressure and fluid retention. It's just weird to hear that whole grain bread is difficult for his kidney to deal with but fruit pies are all right. Whole grain bread, no; English muffins, yes.

He can have all the steak, sea food, chicken, sugar, and fat he wants. (Not really, portion sizes count, but those foods aren't on the no-no list.)

The anti-vitamin-K diet is super-imposed onto the save-your-kidney diet. No leafy greens. No broccoli, turnip greens, brussels sprouts. No cranberries. No grapefruit. No pepper. No Mexican. No spice. No oatmeal. No sweet potatoes. No baked potatoes.

Beer is not good. No mention of wine. I think it could be classified as a fruit juice product which seems to be fine.

This will take some processing time. Not to mention the fact that MY diet requirements are definitely different: whole grains, lots of fruit, green veggies, low fat, lots of calcium, plenty of potassium, . . . . How does this mesh? Gotta work on it.

Maybe we should just have a few days of fasting or just some wine and cashews. Oh, wait, he can't do that. Apple pie and diet 7-Up? Plain popcorn and water?

We not only welcome but BEG for suggestions, recipes, life experiences, etc. I don't know where to start.



carole said...

Wow, you've got your work cut out for you, yikes!! You are going to have to plan menus. I'm sure you know that popcorn is really not a good thing, it's hard to digest. Seems like alot of people on diets eat popcorn because its low points and then they end up getting their gallbladder taken out, I know of 4 people this has happened too. Just thought I would mention this. anyway--good luck!!

Rachel Silvestri said...

Steak and Nerds sounds like a great diet to me!

Magnolia Mimi said...

Remedy for Diet Coke obsession--have a colonoscopy. After my last such procedure, as I was coming back to my senses after mild (read too little) anesthesia, I was asked what I'd like to drink. Being a DC addict for decades, I asked for a Diet Coke. It tasted AWFUL! Eighteen months later the craving still hasn't come back.
Good luck with the diet challenges--a new way of thinking for sure.

BrendaE said...

WOW, that's alot to comprehend and remember! Who asked that woman's opinion anyway!! Enjoyed seeing you guys at the game after, what, 29 or 30 years! Hope you have a good week eating pie!
Jim and Brenda