Sunday, January 10, 2010

The OKW turnes 59

Well, the One Kidney Wonder turned 59 last Wednesday. We had the big family celebration this weekend so everyone from the frozen tundra of North West Arkansas could attend. A good time was had by all (best I can tell anyway). I'd add more commentary but I'm out of witty commentary for the day. So, here's some pictures instead, in no particular order. So now we've only got 360 or so days until the big 60. Guess we should start planning soon.


Eli and Ethan were competing for Paw-Paw's attention while working on their Lego sets.

Elliot was mystified at how this whole unwrapping thing works.

Nana got Paw-Paw a 10-in-one game set. Here he is sniffing the wood.

Elliot kept trying to get Eli's attention.

Thankfully Ethan was willing to help unwrap Elliot's gifts.

The grandkids love all of the Paw-Paw time that they can get. Mine get a disproportionate amount of time since we're just "around the corner" compared to the other 2.

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