Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Same ol' dull medical news !!!!

I suppose the contents of the title is a good thing.

I haven't written in a while....and I keep meaning to....but hey, I'm busy.

This must the the dull part of medical treatment. I'm feeling good 95% of the time, and the feeling bad times aren't dreadfully bad. Mainly the feeling bad times are being tired one day, or maybe the obnoxious side effect of tender feet. A couple of days of tender feet isn't terrible, it's just aggravating.

I have a new side effect. My hair is now pretty gray/white and for some reason has turned soft. We had a warm day in mid January, and I put the top down on the t-bird, just because I can. It was actually blowing my hair around. I now have to deal with bed-head and other aggravating things that haven't been present here-to-fore.

The eyebrows are now all white....and I get comments on them!!!! So far it has only been from guys at the gym. What's up with that?

I've posted some pics of bed-head and my new fluffy hair and my new short haircut from today. The white grows from the I guess I have white ROOTS. When I get a haircut it progressively gets whiter and whiter. A small price to pay.

Medically, my blood work is still all good or explainable. I saw the nephrologist ( the protector of the remaining kidney ) this week. He changed my b/p meds a little. Increased b/p is a side effect of the Sutent and not particularly good for the remaining kidney. He concurred with the Cancer Warrior that all the rest of the blood work looks good. I see the oncologist (Cancer Warrior) next Monday. We're on a three week rotation with him now. I'm in my 23rd week of Sutent.....Thank goodness for Insurance. I'm real interested in the pre-existing conditions portion of health care. My USNews came this week and the cover story is "How to live to 100".

That should be interesting!

So, now we just keep taking the meds and keep living life. We're scheduled for another complete set of scans at the end of February. Then we'll know how we've been doing.

Today is Elliot's 1st birthday. We were there in spirit. We ate dinner with Eli and Emily and Sam and Alicia tonight. So we sang happy birthday to Elliot in absentia and helped him blow out the flashlight we were using for a candle.

Life is indeed good!



Jenny said...

Hey, Uncle Bryan! I like the fluffy hair. No more Brillo pad, huh? Of course, I've always thought yours looked slightly fluffier and less Brillo-ey than my dad's. :) It's good to see a new post from you and good to know things are still trucking along. We're keeping you in our prayers! ♥

BrendaE said...

That is all very good news!! As long as you still have hair, who cares if it's soft and white, it's still nice hair! :) Glad you guys are doing so good!

erin oliver said...

Remember when you told me one time that you were behind someone in church, and they had utterly-wild, uncontrollable hair that they'd tried to tame but couldn't.... and it reminded you of ME?@!
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