Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey- it's the absentee blogger. Dad just called to tell me he had prepped a blog, but had gotten all the pictures screwed up and now couldn't fix it. He sent me the most twisted, bungled mess... but I fixed it. As he states below, we're living life as normal. The Oliver Bed and Get your own Breakfast (stolen wit from Mama)is underway... it's football season. You know... when we first got this diagnosis, I wondered if Dad would ever come over again. Here he comes. As Ethan said when I told him they were coming "Oh good! I love them!"
Hold please... here's Dad...


For those curious among you, things are going as expected I suppose. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I'm going about life as normal.I'm not sure that I had time for full time employment anyway. I've been a busy boy.
Eli came over early last week and he got the school lunch menus out and wrotetickets for me to come eat lunch with him on a couple of Fridays. I'll attempt to attach
a picture of how a first grader goes down a slide...makes perfect sense to me. That was last Friday, and tomorrow is Friday again. I think we're having grilled cheese sandwiches.

Don Bell's sister found some old campaign flyers from 1968....geeeeze that's over four decades ago. Don mailed them to me early on in this saga, and I just found them again under a pile of medical invoices. I've attached a picture. The theme of course was Byrd's the Word..... remember "popppa um maou maou" If I was more technically proficient I would download it and have it playing in the background as you read this blog :) The relativity of the old picture is that my newest side effect is exfoliation . So I'm getting a chemical peel whether I want it or not. Maybe when it's all done I'll look like I did in 1968 NOT ! And only $ 7600 per month ...cha ching

I saw the Urologist (Dr. Langford) today. Debbie had an appointment with him today so I went along. They all kinda said...."what are you doing here" then "oh, y'all have traded places" I didn't know that I was that memorable, but I'm tellin' you, I have been exposed to an incredible group of medical people that want to practice medicine. Anyway, she's gonna get that CT scan she's been wanting since I had one and maybe he can figure out the UTI.

My Momma came down for a visit, and we had a nice time. We also took a whirlwind tour of the State Capital Building while we were waiting for her ride back home. I think it wore us both out, but we did have a good time.

Off to Fayetteville this weekend. Hope we can take care of Georgia. This will be another test of the recovery. We'll keep you posted.

I barely have time to work anymore !!!!!

Purple Hull


erin oliver said...

you may be kickin', but you got NO COMMENTS.
Waa waaa waaaaaaaaaaah.

We've lost our crowd. It's probably my fault.

:( Erv

Joannah said...

Read about your blog on the kidney cancer list-serv. My husband just started Sutent last Friday. So, today is day nine and he's feeling really good. His program is four weeks on, two weeks off, four weeks on, scan. So, his first scans will be in November and we're hopeful, of course.

It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude and great family support. i think that's half the battle won right there.

We have a blog, too. Just look at my profile and go to All Things New.

There is also a growing group of RCC Warriors on Facebook. That's a great way to give and receive daily encouragement and support from those who are walking the same path you are.