Wednesday, September 2, 2009


That's my favorite part of the visits, the hugs when the doctor comes in. Nice.

The scans don't show anything new. That's good. Blood levels stable. That's good. No side effects from Sutent. That's phenomenal! Doc says Bryan is in the top 5% of folks recovering. . . I asked why. . . he said some people just do better than others. It must be frustrating for scientists to not be able to pinpoint the variable that makes the difference. Prayer? Friends? Driving a drop-top? Playing with grandchildren? Having an amazing wife? Laughing? Genes? Drug therapy? We'll take the result, whatever the precipitating event.

Dr. Baltz did say that it's the scans three months from now that are important. A lot can happen in three months. Football, leaves, Halloween costumes, parent-teacher conferences, Thanksgiving, making tile, finishing this remodeling/decorating project, just life. . . .

Go hug somebody. I was directing traffic in the hall: "Walk on the right side! We won't let you have a driver's license if you can't stay to the right!" As I spread my arms intending to show kids where to walk, one kid just melted into me, obviously needing a hug. Now, teachers are warned about the dangers of touching students. All those accusations of nepharious intent---but, this kid will always be connected to me and will listen when I talk to him. So sue me.

The One Kidney Wonder is working madly to finish all the invoicing and posting and whatever he does. Thanks to Sam the Computer Wonder for connecting Dad to his office computer from home. Magic.

We love all of you. And we love your comments. Notice the tiny little word down there? Click on it and write back to us. You have to use the drop-down menu to choose what email account you're writing from. And you might have to copy those strange letters to show that you're real and not a computer-generated response. All bloggers love comments. And these crazy Byrds love ALL of them!


BrendaE said...

So glad you guys got such good report. Looks like you are taking life a day at a time, happy for the blessings of each day and appreciating life to the fullness. We believe those prayers are working so we're gonna keep 'em up.
Jim and Brenda Elmore

daveifling said...

Okay, so I finally did it-I set up an account so I could comment on this blog at the urging of a teacher. Dang-those teachers and their persuasive abilities. I heard that edge on that voice even through the web, and did as it instructed. Amazing.
More later, David Eiflng

Debbie Byrd said...

I can give a fascinating lecture on the use of apostrophes!

erin oliver said...

Stop pestering people about apostrophes. Im actually going to start rebelling against all punctuation however only when im communicating with you
Now THAT was exhilerating! Nice job soliciting comments. Dad and I are still tied for the lead. Looooooooove, EAB
oh, and... On hugs... I prefer a good squeeze to a dainty little tap tap hug. If you're gonna hug me, then HUG me.

Debbie Byrd said...

Larry Mabry and Karen Akin are the best huggers!

Sharon said...

Hi. Good news from Debbie and Bryan! Congratulations on the treatment going so well. I have faith that will continue. :-) I do so enjoy reading your blog. For some reason, today is the first day I have ever been able to post a comment!