Monday, August 31, 2009

Navel Gazing

I had to explain to Bryan what that means: watching yourself to the exclusion of everything else. We haven't devolved to that point, but after 10 days of Sutent, we've both done a lot of detailing every twinge. So far, so good. Sunday he felt tired all day, but he had been playing with consecutive grandchildren since Friday afternoon. That makes the most healthy and enthusiastic grandparent take a deep breath. Today he's felt just fine. He worked all morning then went to see Bobby Petrino at the Touchdown Club then worked until 4:00 when he left for his weekly check-up. After having his blood drawn, he went outside to make some phone calls and saw a fire truck and an ambulance pull into the parking lot of the clinic. Later, the nurses all came into the waiting room and said they had to reschedule all the remaining appointments. No one actually said what the emergency was, but it was obviously very dire. Bryan assumed that it was someone in the chemo room. That's certainly going down fighting.

Segue to my daily life: Tomorrow afternoon there's going to be a pep rally at school. I have to escort my 7th period class that is excitable during boring grammar lessons. They'll be over-the-top wild when given encouragement to scream. I bought ear plugs just for the occasion. It's funny how being in the midst of a college football crowd doesn't faze me, but middle school kids are almost unbearable when they're off the chain. Think of me.

The Arkansas Razorbacks kick off the season Saturday evening at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Our seats are pretty good, and we got the handicapped sign for the car, but, still, it will be a daunting event for Bryan to get into the stadium and then endure the stairs, getting up and down, etc. We'll just take it slowly. There will be 10 of us there; surely someone else can go on a diet Coke run. Note that at no point has OTW said that he'll just give his ticket to someone else. There's a reason why he's always in a red shirt, ya know. Today he didn't even have a reservation at the Touchdown Club. It was supposed to be sold out. He went anyway. I told you he's an optimist. He dressed in his Razorback shirt and khaki shorts; he looked like a cheerleader. The "girl" at the desk said, "Cute knees," and let him in. Of course, he saw friends who had an empty chair. If I didn't have to teach school, I'd have been there.

(BTW, Brett Favre is doing a credible job tonight. Minnesota is ahead right now.) We're glad this is a Baton Rouge year for the LSU game. Winning three years in a row just might give Bryan a heart attack. We'll just have to watch it from the couch or maybe Shaun's couch. (We probably don't have to worry about the three-peat, but we always hope.)

Since we talk about all our ailments here, I'll share that I'm on my FOURTH antibiotic for a persistent UTI. Some kind of super bug has ahold of me. It doesn't hurt anymore, but all the re-checks show it's still here. Since the first round didn't kick it, Dr. Cranford has been growing a culture and checking the efficacy of each antibiotic. Cipro--no; Levoquin--no (sorry Brett); tetracycline--hope so. After all the expensive ones don't work, we go back to the old friends. I just can't get pregnant while I'm on it.

We'll let you know when we get the details of the scan. I'm sure I'll get through the pep rally.


erin oliver said...

1. If you got pregnant that would really weird me out.
2. Lemme hear you say Bearcats in the frunt... let me hear you grunt UH! Bearcats in the middle let me hear you sizzle ssssssssssssss Bearcats in the rear, let me hear you cheer HHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaa! Do that stuff do that stuff (clap clap) Do that stuff do that stuff (clap clap)

Rachel Silvestri said...

H.E.double L-O. The bearcats. Say. Hello!... wiiiittthhh Rachel! Woooooo

Debbie Byrd said...

It wasn't so bad. Outside, so the noise dissipates; plus, I missed half of it because I missed the intercom call to go. The students tried to tell me that it was time, but I scolded them and said it was just instructions on HOW to go. I'll reward them later for being such good sports. Fifteen minutes of pep rally was enough for everyone.