Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting Short of Pie Around Here

.... and it's probably a good thing.

Hey all you guys. I'm doing well here. I've been making the Doctor rounds since it's been a full four weeks since the notorious kidney became toxic medical waste. Saw the Urologist ( he's the guy that actually removed the kidney ) on Monday and he and his nurse just kinda shook their heads and said you look in great shape. I think it finally dawned on me that removal of an organ is MAJOR SURGERY. But, anyway I seem to have impressed them with my ability to bounce back. Saw the Cardiovascular Surgeon today ( he's the guy that pulled the intruding tumor out of the vena cava ( I have a vision of both surgeons ahold of it pullin' that tumor out of that vein). checked the vena cava for damage, sewed up the carnage and stitched and glued me back together ). I commended him on the closing of the incision. If it's as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside he's an amazing surgeon. He also said that "we're through with you". I'm completely turned over to the Oncologist/Hematologist now.

Well, truth be known, Dr. Baltz ( the Onchologist/Hematologist/Cheerleader to a mottley band of Cancer Patients/ Miracle Worker/ Man that really really really likes to Doctor) has been in charge of what I'm gonna do for about four weeks now. I have seen him in the hospital as well as in his office for several visits. We're now about to finish up the little shots in the belly that prevent throwing clots and bad things like that that are part of the MAJOR SURGERY thing. I get Debbie to give me the shots because I can hardly get something out of my own eye and I just can't wait for that part to be over. She's been a trooper, giving me those shots! Low and behold.... zap.... last Monday he says you're deficient in B12. Who Knew? And guess what.... a shot in the belly once a week from now on. The nurse made me do it myself DAY-UM!!!!! I suppose it must take a hematologist to find such things because folks been taking my blood for years for annual checkups, etc. Everybody ought to go get a hematologist and don't get low on B12 'cause you wouldn't like those little shots either.

The SUTENT has been approved. I guess it is chemotherapy although it is taken orally instead of intravenously. Thank God for PhD medical researchers that find better things and better ways to administer them. Of course, I started talking to Google. Dr. Baltz told me to not read that stuff....but hey, I got nothing to do all day. Scary Scary Scary. So I asked him
last Monday, what do I need to get prepared for? First thing he says...." you been on the internet?" He looked me straight in the eye and said I don't expect you to have any side effect from taking this drug ( or something to that effect ). Whew..... big sigh of relief. This guy likes to Doctor. I'm going to see if he can really get my hair white like my Grandpa Dave Byrd.

I'll have a base scan mid next week and then take my little pill every day for two weeks and then lay off a week and then repeat. Go about my business as usual. Oh...speaking of business...... I've been going in for 2-4 hours a day. I've found out that that works !!!!! I concentrate on what I need to do.... push my employees up a little.... then go get lunch and go home.

I know this must be rambling, but hey ... I've had anethesia ! I'm gonna try to post a picture of me right now...but i gotta call one of the kids to figure out how.

Purple Hull


Rachel Silvestri said...

Good post Daddio. I know you love comments so here you go. Love u. Rach

Jenny said...

Hi Uncle Bryan! That's great that your doctors are amazed at how you've bounced back after MAJOR SURGERY. I'm hoping that's a sign of things to come, and you can stay at the "top of your class" through every step of the way! :)

erin oliver said...

You've been checking all day for comments, yeah? Come on... admit it!
I always enjoy the protagonist's POV.
Lerve to the Derve. Erv

carole said...

Well, since you like comments, thought I would say something. It was good seeing you yesterday, (hated that it was for a funeral, but you really looked good. Anyway, don't forget what you told me -TAXES- will be ready this week!! I'm really starting to get nervous-so lets GET'EM DONE!!!