Thursday, August 27, 2009

Five Days of Sutent and counting

Hi y'all,

Ok, we're five days into this chemo..and I think it's going well. I haven't felt any side effects except being super aware of how I'm feeling....I think I probably ate too much BBQ the other night....and added Key Lime Pie after, then blamed it on the Sutent for feeling a little "different" at bedtime. There is probably a psychotic propensity with diagnosis for that, and it could be cured with a daily ( or hourly) shot to the belly, so I'll just keep those symptoms to myself.

So, this morning I had to get up early and drink about a pint of Barium laced with banana flavoring so we can get a neck to knee CT scan done. This is the base line...find all the bad stuff. Well, my self-awareness psychotic disorder kicked in and I was afraid I couldn't get it down, or keep it down.... but it went fine....thus my self-diagnosis of the self-awareness psychotic disorder. As a Presbyterian, I can gladly say "whew! I'm glad I made it through that."

Well, so about that CT scan. Dr. Langford ( best darned Urologist in my book ) said that he

had reviewed the scan and there were no changes from the pre-operaton scans EXCEPT there was no rotten kidney on my right side. Vena Cava looked good. ( Venacava... sounds like a good name for a sailboat. I've got one that's been sitting in the yard for 3 years begging for the lapping of waves against her bow.

Bottom Line Good News, the battleground has not shifted! The scans and written report are headed over to my main warrior, Dr. Baltz. He'll give them a look and we'll continue with the plan as it is set or change it as the Capt'n sees fit. We'll see him again on Monday.

I took two road trips within the last week.

First was on Sunday to Mountain Home. My Aunt Margie, my Dad's sister, died after a long battle with Alzheimer's. She was 91 and in addition to being my aunt, she was forever the librarian at the Baxter County Library. Anyone I ever talked to about her would say " I remember climbing those steps to the library up over the fire station and she would help me find a book or read to us in the summer." I feel both the sadness and the relief for my cousins. I can only think of the celebration of the reunion of her body and mind.

Then on Tuesday, my buddy Joe and I drove to Greenwood, MS to visit Viking Range, a customer of mine. We made some tile for their restaurant, Giardina's, associated with their hotel and cooking school. I needed to go see it. You can see pictures at We got to drive through lots of soybean fields and corn fields. Greenwood had a sign at the city limits that said " Cotton Capital of the World". I was surprised that there wasn't much cotton, but I suppose I can say, "Joe , we're not in SriLanka anymore." What a deal, a road trip with my good friend, and I get to write it off.

Wow...that's a lot of writing for one day... time for my nap.

Purple Hull


erin oliver said...

Bananabarium sounds wreched. Glad you convinced yourself to keep in down. Moonpie and I are coming to see you tomorrow. Can you pick up moderately obese babies yet? I think he's up to 19. Mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurr.

Jenny said...

Hmm... Cameron may be able to give Elliot a run for his money. He was up to 19,8 at his 6th month checkup. Our babies are just extra healthy. :)

Uncle Bryan, the tile pictures look nice! I hadn't browsed the ART website in a while. I remember when you and Aunt Debbie came to see David and me at our house a few years ago, and you said you liked our tile. That was before Dad got involved with OET, and I didn't realize then what a high compliment it was. ;)

Richard Bird said...

We all are different and who knows what your side effects will be like. I've been on Sutent for a year now (I just took dose 1 of round 9 about a half hour ago) and the side effects vary from cycle to cycle. I detail mine on a blog at but based on what I read and learn, each of us has a different reaction, and I hope yours are easy on you, as some of them really suck, but the first two weeks of each cycle have been quite easy for me. Good luck to you in your battle.