Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sutent: Round One Day One

We have received the highly-touted medication. We're just incredulous over how much it costs AND that NovaSys is picking up the tab. We have met our deductable and our out-of-pocket max for the year (until October1 when we start all over) but we're still amazed. Thank you doesn't seem adequate.

Now we watch. Next week he will have a whole-body scan which will be examined in minute detail. That will be the baseline for measuring success. As long as no nodules grow and no new ones appear, he is considered stable. Any decrease in size of the lung nodules is over-the-top wonderful.

Everyone who has seen or talked to OKW since surgery knows that he is not only healing quickly but also still the most optimistic person ever (unless you get to talking about politics; don't even start). One person of a certain authority chose to cut out all this positive thinking by reminding him that the prognosis for RCC is poor. Without missing a beat, Bryan replied that he intended to change the average. I still can't fathom why anyone thought that we don't know what's going on. We just refuse to let it get in our way. We're realistic and (how I hate this word) pro-active. We're also not holding back. I haven't actually seen the sign, but our friends in Texas tell us that a singer (Kinky Friedman?) decided to run for governor (?) and his slogan was: Why the hell not?

So when you see us out and about, taking it all in, we're just following Kinky's advice.


BrendaE said...

Will the expensive Sutent cause any nasty side effects? A good, positive attitude could only help along with a whole lot of prayers that I am sure are being offered to the One who can really make a difference. Hope you guys have a good week.

erin oliver said...

First, I'm proud of you both for figuring out how to post pictures. Second, I want an approximation of time spent setting up the marvy Sutent display.

Debbie Byrd said...

I like to think that staging is my forte, but I would be dreaming. Finding the jewelry box only took a minute because that's the kind of stuff I keep around just in case. Another variable reinforcement schedule that is hard to overcome.