Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to Normal

Dr. Baltz asked me whether I thought Bryan was ready to drive. I said that he might risk himself but he would NEVER risk the T-Byrd. So, he's off on his own tonight, gone to play music with the Pickoids. He took his mandolin since the banjo weighs too much for him to carry. He also shaved this morning. I didn't even notice until lunch time when he asked me how I liked it.No more beach-bum beard. Just normal.

He has been amazingly calm about ART. He has been in a few times to do some trouble-shooting, make payroll, and visit a little. But then he comes back home. How wonderful to not worry about his business. His crew is making tile, sending samples, answering crazy phone calls: "Do you ship tile?" No, we just make it and pile it up . . . .

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BrendaE said...

So glad your trip to the beach was fun and memorable. We are thankful Bryan's surgery went so well and continue to pray for successful treatment.
Brenda and Jim Elmore