Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alright. We've got mama back on the porch. She is resting assured that Dad is in good hands. He's at CVSU (Cardiovascular Surgical Unit)at St. Vincent. We left him snoring and the nurse (Lori) said that he would probably be snoring the rest of the day and night. We took our opportunity to get Mama home for a little rest.
The manna of food in this house is IMPRESSIVE! Since I've stepped foot in the door, I have had chips with this yummy bean salsa, and some apple pie. That's an excellent combo.
So back to the man of the hour. He had a tube sucking the contents of his stomach out, apparently to counteract the nausea of the anesthesia, coming from his nose, which Lori the Nurse said he had been complaining about since he regained consciousness. He had an arterial blood pressure thing in, and a little splint to keep that in. He had a nasal canula in his nose. He had some sort of heater on his bed to warm him up. He was swiped in benadine. He sounded just like Pops(Dad's dad)when he grumbled about his nose tube. Pops was not a grumbler, he was a gentle man indeed, just the tone of his voice came through. So that's all I saw... he had a sheet pulled up to his neck. Joe went by a bit ago and said that he was still snoring. Now I'm going to eat some chicken and rice something that rachy and mom are noshing on. Smells excellent.

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