Friday, July 10, 2009

Nothing Kidney-related to report today. I suspect it's still rotten. What I have to report today is philosophical and religous in nature. Spiritual, perhaps. Raised in a religiously liberal home, we were never told that one was right and one was wrong. Never told that if you're good you're heaven bound and bad you're screwed to the depths of hell. If you were vain enough to ask if your Sundy Shoes looked alright, then you were reminded... "oh Honey, God doesn't care, get in the car." We had to tell Rachy the arc story a couple of years ago- Bible trivia has never been our forte.
So, whatever we call him, Yaweh, God, Allah, "Sky Guy" (my 3 year old), must be the one keeping me so calm. Perhaps its all the prayers going around, and as BEB says, (y'all know his middle name is Earl, right?) Earl. That's a funny middle name, isn't it? I've always thought so. Ahem... sorry.. As BEB has said "Isn't it amazing that God never gets too many."

Keep 'em coming.


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Debbie Byrd said...

One Sunday after Rachel had played at our feet during worship and walked down with us as we took communion, she asked later, "Did we really drink Jesus's blood?" We just thought she wasn't paying attention.

Shannon said...

We've got you covered and will keep them coming, sweet Erin!

Shannon :)