Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I was going to post another pre-op picture of KORK today. Mom sent one of him wading through paper on his desk, and he was in a red shirt again. I'm waiting until he presents with a little variety in his wardrobe. Maybe he's decided "the hell with changing clothes!" Who knows.
Most of you know that I'm married to a lovely member of Uncle Sam's Tax Squad. KORK asked him today if donation of a slightly bulbous kidney was deductible. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.... humor is genetic too. I remember the exact day that I knew Dad thought I was funny. We were in Sears, it was the late 80s. Dad was wearing a red shirt- no really.. he was! We were in that section where they put all the extra lotion and crap they try to sell you on the way to the mowers... anyway... Dad said "ooooh, look at all those jew-ry boxes!" and I said "oooooh, where could I find a christianity box?!" then he snorted and told me I was funny.
Definining moment. Been workin' on being funny ever since.
There has been no medical news today. Appointment Thursday at 1:30 with Dr. Meadors. I hope he's the biggest cardiovascular nerd they've ever met, or that Christina Yang walks through the door.


carole said...

Love Christina Yang, but don't think I would want her to operate, she's not real ya know, lolol...

Debbie Byrd said...

I think it was actually Preston Burke who was the cardiovascular star. Christina did help him out a lot, though, after he got shot and had that hand tremor issue.