Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dr. Langford came out and said they're sewing him up. Said everything went as planned, thrombus came out easily. Said there was bleeding around the site of the thrombus, which they were prepared for. They gave him "cell saver" which is I think catching the blood that falls outta ya and processing it and sticking it back in. Said he has an lateral incision of around 8 inches. Ok, now Dr Meadors just came out. He's stable. I assume dr meadors is stable too, but i was referencing dad. He will stay in CVICU tonight. Again reported that there was lots of bleeding, that there were lots of auxillary blood vessels that had grown, but they got "most of it back in him." Mom will probably get to go back in 45 mins or so. Overall, dr measors said he thought the overall result was good.

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