Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally Home

Well, the numbers were ok this morning and so OKW got released. We are officially through the initial stage. The rotten kidney is expunged and low the KORK is healed !!!! uh NOT

Surgery wasn't bad, initial recovery wasn't bad, being home definitely isn't bad. I've got some healing to do, but I have good genes and good meds and good friends and good Doctors and I'll get there.

I'm liken these Hawaiian shirt pics. Mike couldn't be here so he sent a pic with his Hawaiian shirt and a lei. He wore it to work. I'm sure lots of tourists now know the story of KORK. Then I got a package in the mail with two leis inside from him. If you've been looking for the perfect gift and haven't a clue, they have it at the tower. They may have the only one of that thing in the region or maybe in the country. I modeled the lei in my coming home pic. Pretty snazzy huh.

I thought I looked a little thinner than when I went in the hospital. That wouldn't be a bad trend
and we'll see how that goes. Gotta do the blood thinners so I now officially have a prescription to not eat Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Greens, and other green leafy things.

Jerry lives here in LR and he wore his shirt to work on Thursday and then dropped by to see me after work. You can't go wrong with a support network like that. He was by the hospital a couple of times.
Shaun got Ethan and Elliot and himself all Hawaii'ed up for a pic. This guy deserves a big pat on the back and a cold beer. Taking care of a 3 year old and a 5 month old plus yourself while your sugar is 200 miles away lookin' after her Momma and Daddy is yoeman's work. One of Shaun's comments was about my pasty white legs..... wait until he sees this scar !!!!!

Talmon has been by several times. I would call him the keeper of all the good stuff from the old
Mountain Home Class of '69.

Matt came down for the weekend and was the recipient of a Hawaiian shirt that Carrot bought
for me. Since when have I been a medium? He has loaned us his new bride for over a week and we have enjoyed having her back under the roof. Oh, back to the medium size thing.... she gave Sam some pajama's she bought for me... like 3 pairs.... all size Men's Small..... I think we're gonna have to lift the leaves up and scan what's going on inside the carrot.

My brother Barett and his family were here on Friday and Sunday. I was on a cardiac floor but they let us have our hookielou anyway. It was just great to get to visit.

My brother Hiram has been here all week. He was quietly tending to little details at my plant, making sure things ran smoothly.

And LORDY the phone calls, I love hearing from all of y'all. There are scads of e-mails to answer and messages to return. Carrot has been relaying your messages from her email.
I just took to big ol white pills that should put an end to my evening. nite nite all


carole said...

So glad you are doing good, you do look thinner, and Hiram said you look purty (teehee). I hope you guys have a great time on your trip. Please call Gertie often, she is worried and waits for your call, believe me, I know, as she calls me every night. (and yes, i want my gold stars!teehee) Please be careful y'all and have fun. =)

erin oliver said...

I've always said that it would take organ removal to reach my goal weight....