Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally! They served the man a drink. Now on with the Hawaiian theme. We are still hoping that we can all go to the beach. It just wouldn't be right if all the people aren't in attendance, but we'll do what we have to do. PawPaw is usually the one that catches the early rising grandkids to give us parents some extra sleep... I do say that if he gets to go this year, he can be off early morning buscuit and kid duty... JUST THIS YEAR. We'll wake up with our own children if we have to. Err ee err eee (that's me rubbin' my eyes). Now, if shnazzy dress could ensure our trip, then I have no worries!
Here's Mike. He's known Dad since Dad's been around. They grew up together in MoHo. That's always been what I call Mountain Home. I remember Mom telling me it was disrespectful once. I don't remember why. I still call it MoHo. No disrespect intended.

The Oliver manboys... I was going to donn my coconut bra and hula skirt, but I'm only 6 months post partum. I hope that image gets out of your head sometime today.

Here's Jerry. He was Dad's roomate at U of A. I'm sure he has some stories to tell.

And Matt. I swear we don't intentionally torture new family members. Mom asked him to nicely put on this peach number last night. He obliged. Who could say no to a steamed carrot?

Talked to OKW a bit ago... he's enjoying his Diet Coke and looking forward to more tubes being yanked from his body. They're transferring him from needle meds to oral meds today, so if we ever look back and wonder when his addiction to pain pills started, it's today. I'm just kidding. His only addiction is caffinated, calorie free, and delicious!


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I thought it was trendy.