Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whew! Thanks for getting back to your old authentic selves, ya'll. I must admit that all the politeness between yourselves was a little disconcerting while I was home. I was waiting for a "HHHHHHHhhhhhh(audible exhale) BRY-in!!" to make me know that everything was ok, and I never heard it.
Here's to authenticity! Now go get my Dad a Diet Coke.

No really- All we've ever learned about how to be married is from these two fools. They've taught us well. I hope Shaun still likes me as much as Dad likes Mom 36? How old is Sam? I'll be 32... so he's 34?? So y'all are 37? Eh hmmm. I hope Shaun still likes me as much as Dad likes Mom 37 years from now. They're best friends.

I can only quote from kids' movies these days...

Mater: "I knew .. I knowed I made a good choice"
Lighting McQueen: About what?
Mater: "My best friend"


Debbie Byrd said...

Now I want to see the clip and it didn't work. BTW I like him a whole lot too! No one else takes me for rides with the top down AND brings me coffee before I'm lucid.

Sam said...

I'll bring the DVD over this weekend.