Monday, July 27, 2009

St. V's still won't let Moo and Poo into the blog... so I post this for Moo~

Sunday must be go-see-people-in-the-hospital day! Besides Rachel, Matt, and me, we also saw folks from church, Barett and his family, Sam and his family (including Eli and Emily), Jerry Smith and Talmon Preyer (college/hometown buddies), one of the Pickoids. He held court in the misnamed "solarium" which is an interior room with fluorescent lights and lots of chairs. He was a tired puppy today. Having napped much of the day, he texted Rachel requesting a Reuben sandwich because the hospital food is unappealing. (They sent turnip greens which I ate quite willingly.)

He's still in the hospital because his blood isn't thin enough yet. There's a target number (2.0--2.5) that the doctors want to hit before releasing him into the wild. His number was 1.6 today. They come draw blood at 3:00 a.m. Sleep is not the reason to stay. His pain is being well-managed by oral meds. He's showering and shaving himself. He's also figured out how to get into and out of bed with the least amount of stitch pulling.

We have really been pleased with St. Vincent. The nurses are both skilled and friendly. Sheila got him a diet Coke then ordered ham sandwiches for him after he turned up his nose at the first tray he was given. John stopped to explain the blood PT/IMR test and what Bryan's numbers have been. Each one has listened to requests and been as helpful as a floor full of patients allows.

Dr. Baltz just came by. He said if Bryan's IMR rises to 1.7 he can go home tomorrow. He explained more about Cumadin saying that he may need a daily injection as well as the oral tablets. THEN I asked if he has heard about our FAMOUS BEACH TRIP goal. After hearing about it, he said we can go, no problem, come see me when you get back, have fun. When Bryan said, "Now, I don't want to do anything foolish," Dr. Baltz said, "Wait, you still don't get this cancer thing, SHE's in charge. You do whatever she says."
I assured them both that I will worry about everything. For now, we're almost giddy.

We will send some great pictures from the beach!

I feel like if there were ever a time to buy a man some shell-art from Alvin's Island, this is the time. Maybe an airbrushed visor... something.... Dr. Baltz deserves something....

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Jenny said...

I'm so happy to hear all the good progress! We're still praying for you all! XOXO