Thursday, July 9, 2009

A bit of information...

Moo and Poo went to see Dr. Meadors today. They were both impressed with his bedside manner and delivery of info. Dr. Meadors said that he has seen three of these tumors in the last two weeks. Odd. Check your kidneys, Little Rock. Anyway, he said that Dad's thrombus is low in the vena cava, which is good, and that he could see the beginning and the end of it, which is also good. The plan is to cut that sucker out on July 22nd, at 10am. He will cut from right below his rib cage, to God knows where, but that he shouldn't need to "break his ribcage" (bonus!), unless he needs to go higher. He will prep Dad's chest anyway, just in case he needs to go higher during the surgery. Surgery will take about 2.5 hours (sometimes I can't get two children fed and bathed in that time, but, I guess these guys are THAT good),and expected stay in the hospital is a week. Mom said that they have a nice new add-on to St. Vincent where he'll have lots of windows in his room or something like that. Visiting will be pretty tight as long as he is in ICU status right after surgery, but once he's in step-down we'll all be able to go in and gawk at him in his hospital gown.
Even though trivial to the outsider, they did ask about the.. um... I think like the 23rd? Annual Byrd Pilgramidge to the Gulf of Mexico to Sit There and Do Nothing Except Eat Oreos and Drink Wine and Get Real Hot then Go Cool Off. It's what we do. We're slated for Aug 1-8, and we really need to go. We don't miss. We have perfect attendence.
The nurse said that he could ride to the beach, but he can't get his incisions wet until his scabs fall off (throw up in my mouth), so we'll just have to give him wet wash cloths to put on his forehead and stuff. Anyway... if Dad's feeling like it, we're still going to the beach.
They (the medical community) still isn't very concerned with the lungs. My optimistic father thinks this is because there's nothing to worry about. My pessimistic mother thinks this is because there's lots to worry about. We'll see.

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Cynthia said...

E, I just learned about your Dad's situation and this blog from the Minicks. Please let your parents know they are in my prayers, and thank you so much for the blogging to keep us up-to-date. Cindy Moody

Gina said...

I know Bryan through the ceramic world. I am also the sister of Paul Minick(one of Bryan's employees). Our mother has had 2 different unrelated types of cancer in the last 5 years. The one last year (AML) was BAD but she kicked it's butt too!! I truly believe that you must have faith, friends, and fun to make it through this and arrive on the other side somewhat sane! I can see that your family has the same beliefs!

Erin you ooze wit!! Keep laughing all the way through, I think that's how God made us! I will check for updates daily.

Many prayers, lotsa love, and buckets of smiles headed your way!

Gina Welch