Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Elephant in the Room

Given a potentially life-ending diagnosis, some people might choose to ignore it and hope no one will talk about it. Not this family. We decided to invite the Elephant into the house and join the party. Of course, we're trying to keep disturbing facts from the little ones, but even they pick up news while playing around the circle of adults. When Erin and Rachel pulled into the driveway Sunday afternoon, Ethan asked, "Is Pawpaw better?"

Our plan is to do our best to all go on our annual beach trip August 1-8. Recovering from the surgery will be 4-6 weeks according to Dr. Langford. We may have to sit on Bryan to keep him down that long.

His crew at work is great. They are gearing up to handle more independence. Bryan now has a very good answer to customers who wonder why he didn't answer their emails yet.

Please continue to call and/or come over. Your prayers are holding us up.

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Shannon said...

A BIG, TIGHT hug to you sweet Debbie!!!