Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carpe Diem

After receiving the diagnosis (finally, after over a week of tests and consultations) we went through a period of shock. We were surrounded by family and friends who distracted, laughed, cried, empathized, and fed us. We took on an aura of uber-politeness and -carefulness. Then we began this waiting. KORK would have gone to the hospital immediately as if cutting out the offending body parts would set the world right again. Carrot, as you have read, imagined that the surgery would be the dividing point on the time line: Before and After.

We have merged our points of view, in a way. Bryan has been getting his work organized so that other folks can keep it going. He spent the afternoon Monday with Gertie, his mom, letting her see him unchanged and happy. tonight he went to play music (banjo) with the Nobodies because "this might be the last time I can go for a while." I have stepped back from the nightmares of What-if (kind of). Neither of us could sustain the tip-toeing around any more.

Maybe this is what military folks do before they deploy. (Barett, Jesse, Chuck, JB, you'll have to give me feedback on this.) You get ready. Get all your business in order. Visit friends and family. Make sure other people are taken care of.

Then have a party, remodel the house, start another courthouse tile restoration project, go to the beach, teach the kids to swim, plant a tree, and be thankful for every single friend and every single day.

We love you all,
Debbie (aka Carrot)

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