Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nothin' like a little organ removal to light a fire under ya!... Dad's desk is clean. I'm wondering how full the drawers are... but the desk is clean!

Also note his fake look of agony and holding of his right flank... is he even grabbing the right side? He does that when he wants something. It works like a charm.

Welp, we're at T-14 hours. Dad reports to St. Vincent's Organ Removal Department at 8AM. We hope everything is where it is supposed to be. We hope the surgeons have a good breakfast. Mom was talking the other day about the "Heirarchy of Horrible Things that Can Happen." We wonder why she can't sleep?! While horrible, disgusting, vile and full of uncertainty, I'm hoping to learn something during or after this is all over. Not the surgery so much as the journey. Maybe I'll be thankful for it someday, in some regard.

I'll keep you posted about tomorrow.

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carole said...

well...looky there, a yellow shirt, almost didn't recognize him, lol..Thanks for keeping us posted on this blog, and please continue to do so as I have cousins calling to find out stuff, so i rely on this alot. Praying really hard for each and everyone of you.