Monday, July 6, 2009

Update: I'm taking this per verbal from Carrot:
1. The tumor in the vena cava is not considered a distal metastesis(this bodes well for survival rates)
2. KORK will meet with the cardiovascular surgeon on Thursday. Carrot took the slides to that doc today for him to "study up" before the surgery.
3. The surgery will probably be scheduled previous to Thursday, once the two surgeons coordinate their schedules
4. Dad went back to work
5. Joe's coming to dinner to be our medical transcriptionist
6. Cheryl Dawn made some chicken tetrazzini. That's gooooooood.

More to come.


Nancy Morton said...

Erin, I'm a good pray-er and we probably owe you a few. I will pray for your dad and mom. Keep the great attitude. Love, Nana

Bleil Family said...

I feel like doing a dance... I said UH BOOM CHICK A BOOM!