Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living with a New Ride

We actually had an offer for a trade! Thanks Vic and Susan; we think your kind offer is awesome. Trading the T-Byrd for your car would have been a great solution. We actually got your phone call as we were driving home in the new car. We just didn't know how to operate the hands-free system and hung up instead! Anyone who missed the offer can still come ask to drive the car. I don't know whether OKW will agree, though.

We went to three different dealerships today and finally made the deal. It's a good time to buy a car. We got LOTS of attention. This car has more computer power than early space vehicles. The absolute best feature, besides safety and functionality and all that, is the GPS system. Many of you have heard the stories of my driving adventures. Lost R Us. Cheryl Dawn and I drove past our Pa-pa's house because we were talking and driving at the same time. Yes, he had lived on that same road our entire lives. Bryan asked me to pick up something from one of the tile distributors in Maumelle. Yes, I had been there before. No, I didn't find it until I had passed it twice. So, I am just tickled to have a big ole screen that will show and tell me where to go. (CD, our road trip is on.)

The One Kidney Wonder has made great progress since getting home. First, he slept a lot. Then he started moving around. Having construction workers in the house helped; he had to go see what they were doing. He's gone up and down the stairs without incident. Today, we stopped by ART on the way to the car lot. Everyone was thrilled to see him. I had to shepherd him out before he got too tired to car shop.

His hoarse voice is a mystery. It's too late for irritation from the intubation during surgery. I hope our resident speech path will solve it for us next week.

We are grateful for our permission to make the Great Annual Beach Trip. We are taking all precautions. What do you do when you get a diagnosis of cancer? You live.

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Debbie Byrd said...

It's a Lincoln MKZ. We're an all-Ford garage now. Bryan wanted to reward Ford for not taking the gubmint bailout.