Friday, July 24, 2009

Hey peeps. I just got to read the path report. They confirmed that the tumor was indeed renal cell carcinoma, clear cell type and gave it a Fuhrman grade of 3. I understand that the grading indicates the cells' degree of deviation from normal. Dr. Meadors is in here now, so I gotta listen..........we just asked about the beach trip again, and Dr. Meadors just told us that the line between fun and dumb is sometimes transparent. I love that line. Meadors said he looks good, predicts that it will be Monday probably before he gets outta here. He gets his neck port out today, and they'll take his bandages off today. They'll take his epidural out tomorrow. Big John (man nurse- calls himself an adrenaline junkie) is about to take out the neck port. I'm heading back up the mountain to Fayetteville to tend to my boys. Shaun is an excellent Daddy, but we all know it's easier when the kids don't outnumber the laps.

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