Friday, July 17, 2009


I just look normal, or as normal as I've ever been, but I'm finding myself in a bit of a fog occasionally.

When I referred to our friends who have deployed, how could I have left off our dear friend, Lt. Colonel Mark David Henry? Not because we don't love him, but because my rememberer is defective. Of course, he'll tell you that we also forgot his picnic, but I'm going to blame that on Bryan. He got involved in weekend chores, and we looked up to see Joe who wondered if we were ok. I felt horrible! So, David, here's my apology for those times and any others that I don't even know about because I don't remember! We love you and your whole family.

Somebody call and remind me of anything important, like eating.

BTW I haven't heard from any of you formerly-deployed folks. I either got it right or am so far off the mark that you can't even start to explain. Oh well. My metaphors have been goofy too.

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David said...

Carrot - What picnic? I never remember anything. I'd say you got the deployment process right: there are some tasks to accomplish (mine never included starting a tile project), but the people are what matter. As long as I took care of them, "the system" would carry me down the path. Be thankful that your system is a good medical team rather than the Individual Augmentee process of the US Air Force. Start planning KORK's transformation / OKW's homecoming party. Fireworks perhaps .... Let me know where to send care packages--baby wipes and Crystal Lite, anyone? You've already got my thoughts and prayers.