Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm sitting in very close proximity to the Rotten Kidney itself. I'd say, figuring for belly size and one Razorback t-shirt, I'd give us 3-4 inches between one another, me and RK... it doesn't smell or anything.
Keeper of the Rotten Kidney (Maybe we'll start calling him KORK?)- just for one short week until its gone- is just fine. He's hanging out with the hyper grandkids and drinking a diet coke.
He doesn't want us to worry about him, he's not scared, and it just ready to get this thing out. He looks like he did a week ago (waterproof hair, tanned complexion, droopy puppy eyes - i got 'em too... they're genetic.)

Brain scan at 1:45 tomorrow at St. Vincent. We'll keep you informed of the insides of KORK's noggin.

Is it weird that I dressed up as a Loop of Henley one time? Look it up. It's a kidney part.


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