Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bubba's turn

Bubba, yup, that's what my sisters refer to me as. Not sure how I got the nickname, but it stuck, anyway. Guess it's my turn to put something out here. It's been an interesting two weeks, wow, is that really all it's been? It's amazing the outpouring of support from friends far and wide when your family runs into something like this.

As Erin has related in her posts dad, aka KORK, has been stoically optimistic through all of this. We went out to enjoy the pool today and as was related by mom, aka carrot, in an email earlier he's treating each day as just another day. He gets more done on a Saturday than most of us get done in a week. Today was spent dealing with the new laundry room, the backed up A/C drain, etc. Just another day, ready to put this behind him and move on.

Mom is being her usual pessimist, we've really got to get her off the Internet (quit reading everything you can find mom it'll just make you more nervous). I know, I know, you just wanna know what to expect.

Anyway, we're charging ahead, looking forward to Byrd Beach Trip 2009, with all present and accounted for, minus one borked kidney. Those who haven't seen him upright and treating life as normal can trust that he's still vertical and keeping on keeping on.

OK dad, we've all posted but you. Time to get the scoop straight from KORK himself.


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Debbie Byrd said...

We pessimists are never surprised except pleasantly.