Sunday, July 26, 2009

FROM OKW! The hospital network wouldn't let him sign in to the blog...

Hurrah!!!! it's like being in 6th grade.... cause/effect if you
pass gas, then you get to eat. Who makes up all these rules

Finally got my first tray of hospital fare on Saturday at noon. I
ate the roll, and the dessert. Debbie ate the turkey, and the thrice
cooked brockly (sp) and the mashed potatoes. So it looked like i
cleaned my plate. Doctors like that and want to measure. I could
bore you with details surrounding body elimination systems, but
suffice it to say everything is working.

My two main surgeons promptly took the week off after cleaning up the
RK. That musta been overwhelming...don't worry, I'm left in
extremely capable hands. They're talking about goin home on Monday.
I hope Debbie is ready for that, I'll try not to be a grouch.

Rachel and Matt ruined my breakfast this morning. I had a choice....
fluffy flat scrambled eggs and a tough bisquit St. Vincent's
Special OR some Purple Cow Pie.....geeeeze, I'd never seen that on
the menu before and I can assure you that it went down smoothly.
There is just something magical about purple ice cream. Thanks Matt
and Rach.

The OKW is doing just fine !!!! I'm enjoying hearing from every
one of you and as my Daddy would say " I love all of you".

Purple Hull

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