Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sisterbaby's turn! I have a new goal in life - be optimistic like Dad. I am so so glad I went to LR last weekend to turn my frown upside down. How can someone who has just been told they have the big C be so happy? Well, that's just what I have to learn. Life's not that bad.

Realizations that I've had recently:
1. I am completely in the middle (although I'm the baby) of Sam and Erin's personality. Good with computers with a little funny sometimes. I didn't "get" the joke about Erin's Christianity box until she explained to me that Dad had said "JEW-ry" box. Jew - get it?

2. If Dad needs a kidney transplant he will most likely get one from Erin since they have the same knees and personality. If Mom every needs ANYTHING - I think they can just clone anything I've got.

3. I know more about the tile business than I thought.

Some pics from the wedding ...

Love you all,
Rach (Sisterbaby)

Mom - don't even think about editing this. :)


Cynthia said...

I totally enjoy these pix! cindy Moody

Shannon said...

What an honor this day was for me! Hugs & kisses to you Rachel and sweet family.....

Anna said...

I cry everytime I read this. Mostly from laughter. I love these pix.
I love my BFF and her awesome family.